Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Cleaning Blog Sale!

I'm sure you've all noticed I've let my blog fall to the wayside. I still paint my nails but I've just lost the passion currently to blog and need to get rid of a lot of polish considering after pulling all this from my collection I still have a good 600+ polishes in the helmers... I'm sorta winging it here on pricing if I'm way off please let me know :) Please and Thank you!

If there is something specific you'd like to see let me know and I'll snap a pic but I think the majority can be found on nailgal or blogs (I'd be taking pictures for days....)

Shipping: International will be specific to your country. US $2.50 for the first .50 there after until we get to a flat rate box :) Please email me at

OPI Rising Star $4
OPI Take The Stage $4
OPI Ali's Big Break $4
OPI Tease-y Does It $4
OPI Simmer & Shimmer $4
OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza! $4
OPI The Show Must Go On $8
OPI Sparkle-Icious $8
OPI Bring On The Bling $8
OPI Glow Up Already $4
OPI Black Shatter $4
OPI Brights Power $4
OPI And This Little Piggy $4
OPI Conga Line Coral $4
OPI DS Extravagance $8
OPI Who Are You Wearing $12
OPI Gift of Gold *2010 Ulta Exclusive* $20
OPI Plum Full of Cheer *2010 Ulta Exclusive* $20
OPI Hey Get In Lime $12
OPI Sapphire In The Snow $13
OPI DS Fantasy $18
China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out $9
China Glaze Let's Do It In 3-D $15
China Glaze Yell-O-Neil $3
China Glaze Orange Pacific $3
China Glaze No Morals Coral $3
China Glaze Groovy Green $8
China Glaze Rapture $8
Barielle Misbehaving Mistress $3
Barielle Two Timming $3
Barielle Spirited $3
Barielle Gleeful $3
Essie Mini Flawless $1.50
Essie Mini Decadent Diva $1.50
Essie Mini Mesmerize $1.50
Essie Mini One of a Kind $1.50
Essie Mini Shorty Pants $1.50
Essie Mini Knockout Pout $1.50
Essie Mini Glass Slippers $1.50
Orly Purple Velvet $4
Orly Lemonade $4
Orly Snowcone $4
Orly Lollipop $4
Orly Cotton Candy $4
Nicole Deeply In Love $4
Nicole Pink About It $4

*1 Mani/Swatched*
OPI Big Apple Red $3.75
OPI Take The Stage $3.75
OPI Pretty at the Premiere $3.75
Icing Pink Sparkle $2
Essie Red Hots $3
Essie Cherry Pie $3
Essie Splash of Grenadine $3
Essie Big Spender $3
Essie Sugar Daddy $3
Essie Fruit Sangria $3
Essie Uptown Taupe $10
Essie Baby Cakes $3
Essie Bungle Jungle $3
Essie Bachelorette Bash $3
Maybelline Sun Flash $1
Maybelline Lime Aluminum $1 (old-has some evaporation)
Maybelline Matte Gold $1 (old-has some evaporation)
Maybelline Matte Ruby $1 (old-has some evaporation)
Maybelline Khaki Fringe $1 (old-has some evaporation)
Maybelline Yellow Bamboo $1 (old-has some evaporation)
Maybelline Red Comet $1
Maybelline Minty $1
Finger Paints Merry Mittens $3
Finger Paints Winter Wishes $3
Color Club Feel The Beat $1.50
Color Club Slow Jam $1.50
Color Club Electronica $1.50
Color Club Velvet Rope $1.50
Nubar Iris Dust $3.75
Nubar Yellow Primrose
Nubar Tigers Eye $3.75
Nubar Honeysuckle $3.75
Nubar Gold Leaf $3.75
Nubar Pixie Dust $3.75
Nubar Sexy Red $3.75
Nubar Blue Hydrangea $3.75
Nubar Oh Baby Pink $3.75
Nubar Pink Lily $3.75
Nubar Dewdrop $3.75
Nubar Competition Red $3.75
Nubar Gold Glitter $3.75
Nubar Purple Aster
Nubar Silver Glitter $3.75
Orly Blue Suede $3.50
Orly Pixy Stix $3.50
Nicole Black To The Future *Canadian Exclusive* $10
Nicole Party At 3am *Canadian Exclusive* $8
Nicole Shimmy Shimmer $8
Revlon Glimmer Gloss Banana Blaze $2.50
Revlon Glimmer Gloss Blueberry Burst $2.50
Colorama Plum Sparkle $1.50 (old-has some evaporation)
Colorama Emerald Frost $1.50 (old-has some evaporation)
Colorama Twinkling Toffee $1.50 (old-has some evaporation)
Colorama Shocking Melon $1.50 (old-has some evaporation)
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Bright $2
Cover Girl Starry Blue $2 (old-has some evaporation)
Cover Girl Go Go Green $2 (old-has some evaporation)
Cover Girl Country Rose $1 (old-has some evaporation)

Color Club Unnamed (Ross) Pink Mix Lot of 7 (cream) $6.50
Color Club Unnamed (Ross) Mixed Lot of 4 (cream.neon) $3.50
Color Club Unnamed (Ross) Mixed Lot of 5 (glitter.metallic) $4.50
Goldie Unnamed Mixed Lot of 6 $5.50
Goldie Unnamed Mixed Lot of 6 $5.50
Pro10 Mixed Lot of 5 $4.
Mixed Lot 10 Polishes $7.00